Inspired by the story of pirate Captain Steve Ward, our open air Carribean Rum bar is unlike anything in the area. Enjoy an exquisite selection of cocktails that will bring the Carribean to your taste buds and of course we couldn’t have a real rum bar if we didn’t make our own. Forget anything you have tried before, our range of house spiced rum is so complex and tasty, you will never be able to forget this spicy party in your mouth.

Whatever the weather, our rum bar has you covered with a fully retractable roof and overhead heating to make sure you are always cosy.

The Story

The year is 1718 and a young pirate Captain named Steve Ward was exposed for having an affair with the princess of Britain. 

The only way to stay alive was to escape the United Kingdom, so he orchestrated a plan to steal a vessel from the Queen’s navy, but not before breaking the love of his life out of house arrest. After successfully breaking the princess out, Ward had to find a crew, he scoured London’s underbelly finally found a crew that would join him on his escape, a crew consisting only of women.

They made their escape and once they reached international waters, Captain Ward finally proposed to his love. However, their happiness would be short lived. Just as the ceremony concluded with a kiss, a cannon ball tore through the hull of their boat, the navy had found them. After a fiery battle, their ship was torn apart and all were thought to be dead.

7 days later, Captain Ward and the crew miraculously washed up in an unknown land with nothing but the shirts on their backs and 5 barrels of carribean rum.
The unknown land was later to be named Port Phillip Bay, Mordialloc and the rum was the only thing that kept them alive. 

So, to honour this rum loving pirate Captain who rescued his first love, supported equal rights on the high seas and lived to tell the tale, we created a special rum bar with several homemade spiced rum recipes so Captain Steve Ward’s legacy would live on.

We hope our signature rum and cocktail menu makes you feel as free as Captain Ward would of felt, lying drunk on the sandy shore of Mordialloc beach with the love of his life and a crew of empowered she-pirates!

Oh and by the way…… If you believed that backstory, you may already have had too many.

How good is our rum! 


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